The 21st national “Earthquake and Safety” Drill with an approach to “Safe Schools – Resilience Communities” was held in Ayoub-Azad high school in district 5 of Tehran on November 27, 2019. The drill was held with the collaboration of  many organizations such as  Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology), Ministry of Interior (National Disaster Management Organization), Ministry of Education (Student Organization and Organization for Development, Renovation and Equipping Schools of Iran), Iranian Red Crescent Society (Youth Organization of Iranian Red Crescent and Relief and Rescue Organization), Tehran Municipality (Tehran Disaster Mitigation and Management Organization), and the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. The main goal of the drill focused on increasing the student’s earthquake awareness and related training on safety provisions and sheltering during earthquakes.

On the “Earthquake and Safety Drill” day, the students performed the correct sheltering after the Earthquake Safety Alarm was broadcasted from Iran National Radio. The earthquake drill was held in many schools in the country with focus on issues such as sheltering, emergency exit, and helping others. Additionally, since 2015, Iran implemented the Safe Schools –Resilient Communities program. The program uses schools to offer hazard education and preparedness tools to community members, connecting student’s knowledge to their parents and the wider community. In this year drill, interested residents of the neighborhood also took part, same as the previous years.