Board of Trustees

The board of trustees has 11 members and is headed by the minister of Science, Research and Technology, directing the following main tasks:

  • Approving the institute’s administrative organization based on relevant rules and regulations.
  • Evaluation and approval of the institute’s budget proposed by the president.
  • Approving the institute’s annual accounts and balance sheet;
  • Attempt for receiving non-governmental support including financial, constructional and equipment concerning relevant rules and regulations.
  • Assessing the pension for research, teaching, translation and compilation concerning relevant rules and regulations.
  • Evaluation and approval of practical policies, goals and the institute’s activities area and presenting them to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology;
  • Evaluating the institute’s annual report presented by the president.
IIEES Council

IIEES Council was established with the aim of policymaking, planning and approval of the mass plans in line with the goals of the statute and approved policies of the board of trustees. IIEES Council is responsible for carrying out the following tasks:

  • Mass planning and policymaking
  • Formulation and approval of the mass research and educational plans and policies
  • Formulation of the institute’s developmental plans and presenting to the board of trustees
  • Proposing the endowment of degrees and honorary titles to Iranian and foreign personalities
  • Evaluation and approval of research and educational courses, seminars, and conferences
  • Regulation and approval of the council’s interior code of regulations

IIEES council consists of 7 members including the institute president, vice-presidents, and 3 professors from other research institutes or universities.