Dvin, Armenia Earthquake of 28 December 893, Ms=6

An earthquake with magnitude of Ms=6 occurred in Dvin, Armenia on December 28, 893. The epicenter of the earthquake was located in Ararat region at the coordination of 44.6E and 40N. Due to this event, many houses and churches were destroyed and many residents lost their lives in ruins. The city of Devin and surrounding areas were severely damaged where had also faced significant damages due to an earthquake which had happened 30 years earlier. Except of about 100 houses, all others as well as the city’s cathedral were destroyed and 30,000 people were killed. There were also several triggered landslides and aftershocks during a few days later.

The most important worldwide earthquakes (M>7) on this day

Date Time Y X Depth Mw Region Refrence
1908/12/28 4:20:26 38 15.349 15 7 Sicily, Italy USGS
1935/12/28 2:35:31 -0.29 98.255 30 7.6 Kepulauan Batu, Indonesia USGS
1940/12/28 16:37:44 18.245 147.558 15 7.7 Mariana Islands region USGS
1994/12/28 12:19:23 40.525 143.419 26.5 7.8 off the east coast of Honshu, Japan USGS