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Date & Time (UTC) 2017-08-23 21:06:54.0
Date & Time (Local) 96/6/2  01:36:54.0
Location Lat:35.637 Lon: 57.439
Region Khorasan(center) Province, 67 km South-West of Sabzevar
Nearest Cities
24 km South West of Bejdan, Khorasan(center) Province
36 km South West of Tondak, Khorasan(center) Province
46 km South West of Sheshtamad, Khorasan(center) Province
57 km North West of Kabudan, Khorasan(center) Province
60 km North East of Zamanabad, Semnan Province
Depth 14 km
Faults within 150 km:
BIJVARD_F (Length: 83 km) , Distance to epicenter: 42 km 
DORUNEH_F (Length: 713 km) , Distance to epicenter: 45 km 
BALHAR_F (Length: 117 km) , Distance to epicenter: 62 km 
Number of Phases 14
RMS 0.4
Number of Stations 13
Error in Latitude >2.8 km
Error in Longitude 4.6 km
Error in Depth 8.9 km

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UIDAgencyStationComponentAmplitudePeriodArrival TimeProccessing TimeSignal Clip
118997IIEESSHROE 436.70.262017-08-23 21:07:372017-08-27 08:11:00n
118998IIEESTABSN 330.50.522017-08-23 21:08:092017-08-27 08:11:00n
118999IIEESSHRTE 730.382017-08-23 21:08:392017-08-27 08:11:00n
119000IIEESSHRTN 91.70.382017-08-23 21:08:432017-08-27 08:11:00n
119001IIEESYZKHE 790.342017-08-23 21:09:102017-08-27 08:11:00n
119002IIEESYZKHN 44.10.432017-08-23 21:09:152017-08-27 08:11:00n
119003IIEESNASNE 12.20.572017-08-23 21:09:322017-08-27 08:11:00n
119004IIEESGHVRN 18.20.62017-08-23 21:09:592017-08-27 08:11:00n
119005IIEESGHVRE 200.482017-08-23 21:10:022017-08-27 08:11:00n
119006IIEESTHKVN 190.642017-08-23 21:09:582017-08-27 08:11:00n
119007IIEESTHKVE 14.40.732017-08-23 21:10:082017-08-27 08:11:00n
119008IIEESKRBRE 20.20.542017-08-23 21:10:042017-08-27 08:11:00n
119009IIEESKRBRN 21.60.52017-08-23 21:10:132017-08-27 08:11:00n


AgencyStationComponentPhase TypePhase QualityFirst MotionObserved Arrival TimeTime ResidualLoc. FlagInput WeightDistanceAzimuth
IIEESSHROZ Pg E2017-08-23 21:07:15-0.7y135288
IIEESTABSZ Pn E2017-08-23 21:07:290y222188
IIEESBJRDZ Pn E2017-08-23 21:07:300.07y229359
IIEESBJRDE Sg E2017-08-23 21:07:590.14y229359
IIEESMRVTZ Pn E2017-08-23 21:07:330.16y255332
IIEESSHRTZ Pn E2017-08-23 21:07:43-0.39y342129
IIEESBSRNZ Pn E2017-08-23 21:07:55-0.22y436159
IIEESYZKHZ Pn E2017-08-23 21:07:570.19y446217
IIEESDAMVZ Pn E2017-08-23 21:08:03-0.17y495271
IIEESNASNZ Pn E2017-08-23 21:08:080.28y530235
IIEESGHVRZ Pn E2017-08-23 21:08:130.04y579259
IIEESTHKVZ Pn E2017-08-23 21:08:160.83y594275
IIEESKRBRZ Pn E2017-08-23 21:08:200.57y630186
IIEESKHMZZ Pn E2017-08-23 21:08:30-0.34y716255