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Date & Time (UTC) 2018-08-28 04:17:38.2
Date & Time (Local) 97/6/6  08:47:38.2
Location Lat:31.815 Lon: 52.808
Region Esfahan Province, 74 km North-East of Abadan
Nearest Cities
35 km North East of Ramsheh, Esfahan Province
40 km South East of Hasanabad, Esfahan Province
68 km South East of Varzaneh, Esfahan Province
73 km South West of Nadushan, Yazd Province
73 km North East of Ezad khvast, Fars Province
Depth 15 km
Faults within 150 km:
SHAHR_E_BABAK_F1 (Length: 392 km) , Distance to epicenter: 64 km 
SHAHR_E_BABAK_F2 (Length: 272 km) , Distance to epicenter: 78 km 
MAIN_ZAGROS_R_F (Length: 1106 km) , Distance to epicenter: 92 km 
Number of Phases 26
RMS 0.7
Number of Stations 22
Error in Latitude >5.6 km
Error in Longitude 5.6 km
Error in Depth 9.8 km

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UIDAgencyStationComponentAmplitudePeriodArrival TimeProccessing TimeSignal Clip
136147IIEESYZKHN 11432.90.472018-08-28 04:18:372018-08-28 05:15:00n
136148IIEESASAOE 1355.20.842018-08-28 04:19:462018-08-28 05:15:00n
136149IIEESKRBRE 2108.80.732018-08-28 04:19:482018-08-28 05:15:00n
136150IIEESKRBRN 1947.70.792018-08-28 04:19:482018-08-28 05:15:00n
136151IIEESTABSN 1020.60.382018-08-28 04:20:012018-08-28 05:15:00n
136152IIEESBNDSE 412.70.572018-08-28 04:20:062018-08-28 05:15:00n
136153IIEESBNDSN 308.80.382018-08-28 04:20:102018-08-28 05:15:00n
136154IIEESBSRNN 306.60.742018-08-28 04:20:432018-08-28 05:15:00n


AgencyStationComponentPhase TypePhase QualityFirst MotionObserved Arrival TimeTime ResidualLoc. FlagInput WeightDistanceAzimuth
IIEESNASNZ Pg E2018-08-28 04:17:56-0.66y109360
IIEESNASNN Sg E2018-08-28 04:18:09-0.72y109360
IIEESYZKHZ Pg E2018-08-28 04:18:07-0.03y18069
IIEESYZKHN Sg E2018-08-28 04:18:300.28y18069
IIEESGHVRZ Pn E2018-08-28 04:18:270.6y330334
IIEESKHMZZ Pn E2018-08-28 04:18:291.4y341309
IIEESAHRMZ Pn E2018-08-28 04:18:310.89n4358204
IIEESGHIRZ Pn E2018-08-28 04:18:33-0.61y392177
IIEESASAOZ Pn E2018-08-28 04:18:34-0.87y399320
IIEESKRBRZ Pn E2018-08-28 04:18:39-0.31y429117
IIEESDAMVZ Pn E2018-08-28 04:18:400.97y430350
IIEESTABSZ Pn E2018-08-28 04:18:41-0.35y45262
IIEESCHTHZ Pn E2018-08-28 04:18:460.41y480342
IIEESTHKVZ Pn E2018-08-28 04:18:45-0.85y489339
IIEESSHROZ Pn E2018-08-28 04:18:54-0.04y55232
IIEESBNDSZ Pn E2018-08-28 04:18:58-0.05y588146
IIEESBSRNZ Pn E2018-08-28 04:19:00-0.02y59887
IIEESSNGEZ Pn E2018-08-28 04:19:03-0.08y624307
IIEESGIDEZ Pn E2018-08-28 04:19:062.67n4626336
IIEESILBAZ Pn E2018-08-28 04:19:05-1.11y650290
IIEESZNJKZ Pn E2018-08-28 04:19:081.1y659326
IIEESMRVTZ Pn E2018-08-28 04:19:14-0.18y71524
IIEESSHRTZ Pn E2018-08-28 04:19:171.21y73072
IIEESBJRDZ Pn E2018-08-28 04:19:220.45y77732
IIEESSRSLZ Pn E2018-08-28 04:19:300.12y837308
IIEESGRMIZ Pn E2018-08-28 04:19:370.38y895331