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[Faculty Member]

Present Occupation: Assistant professor

E-mail: faryam@iiees.ac.ir
Tel: +98 21 2283 1116-19

Fax: +98 21 2229 9479

Joined IIEES on 1995

Selected Publications Professional Experience Research/Teaching & Memberships Education


  • Ph.D. Geophysics, Joseph Fourier univ., Grenoble-France, 2003
    Dissertation: Sismotectonique et structure lithosphérique de deux zones de transition dans le Zagros (Iran): la zone de Minab et la zone de Qatar-Kazerun
  • M.Sc. Geophysics, Tehran univ., Tehran-Iran, 1996
    Thesis: Analysis of the Rudbar-Manjil (1990) earthquake aftershocks based on the ILPA digital seismic data
  • B.Sc. Applied physics, Tabriz-univ., Tabriz-Iran,1989

Research/Teaching & Memberships

Research Interests

  • Seismotectonic based on Microearthquake and aftershock study
  • Shallow and deep seismic Structure based on local network data
  • Design and operation Seismological networks
  • Local and regional seismic source study

Active Projects

  • Microseismicity and structure of in the Hormozgan province based on local temporary network data
  • Calibaration of the Iranian National Seismological Network (INSN)
  • Microseismicity and structure of the Tehran region based on local temporary network data
  • Aftershock study of the Bam earthquake
  • Design and operation of seismological network around Masjed-Soleyman and Gotvand dams

Recent Accomplished Projects

  • Study of the seismic zones based on microearthquake analysis (methods and some examples)


  • Instrumentation in seismology and seismological networks
  • Advanced seismology


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Professional Experience


  • Collaboration in design, site selection and operation of Iranian National Broad-band Seismological Network (INSN)
  • Operation of the automatic and semi-automatic analysis system of INSN
  • Collaboration in establishing of the Masjed-Soleyman, Gotvand seismic monitoring system a


  • Head of Geodynamic and Seismic Department (National Center for Earthquake Prediction NCEP) from 2005
  • Collaboration in preparing of the work plan of the NCEP (230 p.)

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Selected Publications

  • Tatar, M., F. Yamini-Fard, F., K. Hessami-Azar, E. Haghshenas, N. Hossein-Zadeh and A. Ghafory-Zarandi (1997). Bojnoord earthquake of February 4, 1997. IIEES Journal, 1, 26-37.
  • Farahbod A. M. and F. Yamini-Fard (1998). Analysis of Ardekol (1997) earthquake and its aftershocks, IIEES Journal, 1, 26-32.
  • Yamini-Fard F. (1998). Introduction to Broad-band seismometry. IIEES Journal, 1, 33-37
  • Yamini-Fard F. (1998). Calibaration of the seismological instruments. IIEES Journal, 4,23-31.
  • Yamini-Fard F. (2000). Review of the physical models for mechanism of the aftershocks. IIEES Journal, 1, 47-55
  • Yamini-Fard, F., D. Hatzfeld, M. Tatar and M. Mokhtari (2006). Microearthquake seismicity at the intersection between the Kazerun fault and the Main Recent Fault (Zagros, Iran). G.J.I., (In press).
  • Yamini-Fard, F., D. Hatzfeld, A. M. Farahbod and M. Mokhtari (2005). Tectonics of the Zagros-Makran transition zone (Iran) deduced from microearthquake study. (Submitted to J.S.E.).
  • Yamini-Fard, F, D. Hatzfeld, A. M. Farahbod, A. Paul and M. Mokhtari (2006). Diffuse between the Zagros continental collision and the Makran oceanic subduction (Iran): Microearthquake seismicity and crustal structure (Submitted to G.J.I.).
  • Yamini-Fard, F. and M. Tatar (2006). Study of the seismic zones based on microearthquake analysis; part 1: Optimum design of the network and determination of the microearthquake source (45 p.); part 2: Seismotectonics and structure in Hormozgan, Chahar-Mahale-Bakhtiari and Fars provinces based on temporary dense seismological network data (62 p.).(Project report, in press).
  • Yamini-Fard, F., D. Hatzfeld, A. Paul, A. Kaviani and J. Vergne (2006). Seismic structure beneath Zagros-Makran transition zone (Iran) from teleseismic study: seismological evidence for underthrusting of the Arabian plate beneath central Iran. (Submitted).

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