Foundation Engineering & Geotechnical Structures Department has been established with the aim of studying fundamental aspects of soil & rock mechanics and foundation engineering, including constitutive modeling of soils, mechanics of porous media, limit state analysis, and seismic design of geotechnical structures such as embankments and cuttings, earth dams, retaining walls, slopes, tunnels and foundations. Main issues in the program of this department include:


  • Developing advanced limit state methods for design and stability evaluation of geotechnical structures;
  • Developing advanced constitutive models for dynamic behavior of various soils;
  • Developing analytical and numerical methods for dynamic analysis of saturated and un-saturated porous media;
  • Evaluating dynamic behavior of geotechnical structures using numerical and experimental methods;
  • Preparing seismic guidelines for designing geotechnical structures;
  • Studying and preparation the guidelines for foundations subjected to surface fault rupturing.