Seismology is a science based on data called seismograms, which are records of mechanical vibrations of the earth. The great progress made in seismology in the past 50 years has been stimulated principally by the availability of steadily improving data obtained by seismic networks. These vibrations may be caused artificially by man-made explosions, or they may be caused naturally by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Because of high seismic hazard potential of Iran and needs for high-quality data for advanced studies in seismology, Broadband Seismic Network of Iran was designed and operated in 1998, including four stations in Ashtian, Nain, Hashtgerd and Zahedan. Until the end of 2014, the number of seismic stations had been increased to 25. Seismic data from stations has been collected in the network center in Tehran by satellite communication system. Data from these stations are recorded continuously in the Network Center and analyzed by virtual seismic analysts in real-time and then reviewed by an experienced seismic analyst.

Broadband seismometers and satellite communication between stations and network center together, provide us with the high-quality data, appropriate for advanced studies in seismology and rapid calculation of earthquake source parameters. To improve the quality of data and develop real-time analysis systems, applicable to earthquake disaster management and mitigation, the second phase of network development has been started.

National Center of Broadband Seismic Network has been designed and operated for better understanding of the seismicity and seismic sources in Iran. The main goals for establishing and developing this network are:

1- Full coverage of Iran by seismic stations and high-quality seismic data acquisition;

2- Recording all seismic waves from local, regional and teleseismic sources in a large frequency and amplitude dynamic range;

3- Establishing a reliable database for advance studies in seismology by scientists all over the world;

4- Complementary seismic analysis and development of the rapid analysis systems for rapid earthquake notification and Quick Damage and Loss Estimation system.

Distribution of existing Seismic stations operated by National Center of Broadband Seismic Network of Iran in 2016

Distribution of existing Seismic stations operated by National Center of Broadband Seismic Network of Iran in 2020