• Provide Seismic data which is needed for various sectors inside and outside the institute,
  • Repair and maintenance of equipment to measure seismic fluctuations,
  • Constructing different electronic parts.


  • Design the accessories needed in various devices and seismic laboratory in the Institute, such as switching power supplies, and cable systems, electronic circuit side;
  • Performing all operations related to recording seismic data such as recording seismic noise survey before the construction of broadband stations, recording aftershocks after strong earthquakes, measuring micro tremors, recording local micro earthquakes, recording regional earthquakes and teleseismic various research projects;
  • Planning for the maintenance of all equipment such as seismic devices registrar SSR-1, SS-1 Seismometer and CMG-6TD and CMG-5TD seismometer and accelerometer Guralp system;
  • Planning to provide necessary equipment for Seismology Laboratory;
  • Calibration of available Seismometer;
  • Optimization of existing systems;
  • Move toward Self Sufficiency in repairing and constructing equipment.

Important projects carried out in laboratory of Seismology

  • Noise study of broadband seismic stations of the Institute since 1995;
  • Installation and operation temporary seismic networks to record the aftershocks after a strong Earthquakes around the country over the past 20 years;
  • Recording micro earthquakes;
  • Microtremor measurements for the past 20 years for geotechnical studies;
  • Recording regional and teleseismic events for the Earth’s interior studies.



An image of FBA-11 (Force Balance) Accelerometer


An image of WR-1 (intermediate-range period) Seismometer

lab_p3 An image of Guralp CMG-5TD Accelerometer & Accelerograph

An image of Guralp CMG-6TD Seismometer & Seismograph


An image of Microtremor Measurements Experimental Studies in Sarcheshmeh copper complex


An image of a CMG-6TD Seismograph for recording


WILAN telemetry transmitter antenna system


An image of noise study measurement in IIEES broadband seismic stations

lab_p10 An image of noise study measurement in site 3 of South Pars
An image of environmental vibration testing in Lavan oil platform with SSR-1 seismograph and SS-1 seismometer