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[Faculty Member]

Present Occupation:Assistant Professor at Structural Engineering Research Center

Tel: +98 21 2283 1118

Fax: +98 21 2280 3933

Joined IIEES on 2007

Selected Publications Professional Experience Research/Teaching & Memberships Education


  • Ph.D. in Earthquake Engineering, Sharif University, Tehran, Islamic republic of Iran, 2007.
    Dissertation: “Improvement of Mechanical Properties of Infill panels”
  • M.Sc. in Earthquake Engineering , Sharif University, Tehran, Islamic republic of Iran, 2007.
    Thesis: “Investigation of some ATC-43 criteria for seismic designing of bridges”
  • B.Sc. in Civil Engineering, Sharif University, Iran, 1997.

Research/Teaching & Memberships

Research Interests

  • Assessment, Rehabitation and strengthening of structures
  • Use of New Materials or technologies in Structures
  • Behavior of masonry buildings and influence of infill panels in structures
  • Non-linear Behavior of Structures under Earthquake loading
  • Control of structures, against seismic loads

Active Projects

Recent Accomplished Projects

  • Behavior of multilayer infill panels, BHRC
  • Evaluation of some ATC-43 Criteria for seismic design of bridges



  • Iranian Construction Engineering organization of Tehran

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Professional Experience


  • Cooperation in some projects in BHRC
  • Design reviewing of most structures & foundations of Shariati Combined Cycle Power Plant
  • Design reviewing of some structures & foundations of Shahid Rajaei Combined Cycle Power Plant
  • Design reviewing of some structures & foundations of Fajr Power Plant
  • Designing some structures and equipment foundation of of Tabriz Petrochemical new phase
  • Designing Bridges of South Pars, Phase 12 & 13
  • Designing RP Deck of South Pars, Phase 12 & 13


  • Manager of the International Affairs and Presidency Offices, IIEES, 2008.
  • Internal Manager of International Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology, IIEES, 2007
  • Supreme Manager of technical office, State Organization of School Renovation, Development and Mobilization (SAZMANE NOSAZI MADARESE KESHVAR), 2007
  • Head of the Structure Discipline, Pireco, SADRA, 2004-2005

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Selected Publications

  • Performance of Infill Panels in Strengthening Buildings against Earthquakes, by: Hassan Moghadam & Majid Mohammadi Ghazimahalleh, A Book in publishing, BHRC.
  • H. Moghadam, M. Mohammadi, M. Ghaemian, Experimental and Analytical Investigation into Crack Strength Determination of Infilled Steel Frames, Journal of Constructional Steel Research, Volume 62, Issue 12, December 2006, Pages 1341-1352
  • Majid Mohammadi Gh., Stiffness and Damping of Single and Multi-layer Infilled Steel Frames, Paper No. 14599, 2007, Journal of ICE Structures and Buildings, Paper No. 160, pages 1-14
  • Moghadam Hassan, Mohammadi Majid, Cracking Strength of Infilled Frames and Bond Beam Designing Method, First European conference on earthquake engineering and seismology, Switzerland, 2006
  • H.A. Moghadam, M. Gh. Mohammadi, Multilayer Infilled Steel Frame, Acceped for Oral presentation on 6th International Conference of Earthquake Resistant Engineering Structures, 11-13, June 2007, Italy
  • H. Moghadam, M. Gh. Mohamamdi, Some Methods for Strengthening Infill Panels, Accepted for 5th International Conference on Seismology and Earthquake Engineering, SEE5, Paper No. MA108, 200
  • H. A. Moghadam, M. Gh. Mohammadi, Out of Plane Strength of Masonry Infilled Frames, 7th International Conference of Civil Engineering, 2005, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran
  • M. Mohammadi, H.A. Moghadam, Mathematical functions for stress of infill panels, 1st International conference of civil engineering, Iran, 2003.

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