Mazandaran-Gilan Earthquake of 15 August 1485, Mw.7.2

Mazandaran-Gilan Earthquake of 15 August 1485, Mw.7.2

Just before sunset on Sunday 15 August 1485, there was a catastrophic earthquake in Gilan, particularly affecting Dailamistan, a large area between Gilan and Mazandaran to the east. In Tunekabun the shock demolished sbstantial buildings such as castles, mosques, shrines and hamams and what was felt was damages beyond repair. In Gurhiyan and Gulijan damage was equally severe, with the causalities, and a strong castle in the region was levelled with the ground. Also in Shakur many villages were ruined and old buildings were destroyed, with causalities. Further to the south, in Rudbarat, many people perished, but the number is not known exactly. In Taliqan other castles were ruined and at Palisan the fort collapsed completely, killing 78 of its inhabitants. Throughout Dailamistan the shock triggered rockfalls from the mountains and many animals perished. To the northwest, in Dailaman, many old buildings collapsed but the inhabitants and the local ruler, who was at prayers, escaped. Part of the palace at Rankuh fell down, but further to the north and northwest, at Lahijan, Gukeh, Kaisum, Pashija and Lashtinshah, there was little damage and no one was killed, although the shock was strongly felt in these areas. Aftershocks continued for six weeks until the end of Ramadan, or early October, keeping the survivors camping out in the open. However, another strong aftershock occurred on Monday 3 July 1486, but it was not as destructive as the mainshock.

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