Dr. Mohammad Farhadi, Minister of Science, Research and Technology visited IIEES on Sunday 10 April 2016, during  this visit a brief report on IIEES tasks, scientific and research activities and achievements was presented by Dr. Mohammad Kazem Jafari, president of IIEES.

Speaking on technical productions of IIEES, the production of strong motion sensors, the designing of early warning systems and automatic disconnection of gas flow during an earthquake, and creating further capacities to cooperate with other organizations and institutes to mitigate risk in Iran as important initiatives of IIEES were presented by Dr. Jafari.

At the end, Dr. Jafari introduced the under-construction advanced laboratory of civil engineering. This project has been commenced with the aim of paving the way for the development of specialized studies and research, and transforming the country into the regional hub in the field of earthquake engineering.

Dr. Farhadi expressed his satisfaction on scientific capabilities and potentialities of IIEES, called this center as an international reference in terms of quality, regional hub, capable of responding to the needs of present and future laboratory researches in earthquake engineering and civil projects and construction industry in Iran and the region.

Dr. Farhadi also visited National Broadband Seismic Network of Iran, and Structural and Geotechnical Laboratories in IIEES main building, as well as the under-construction project of Advanced Laboratory of Earthquake Engineering in Sohanak, Tehra