Public education department began its activities with the aim of expanding public safety culture and earthquake risk reduction in society. In line with these goals, it has aimed at facilitating related sciences, by taking advantage of various educational methods to expand the latest scientific findings at the community level. The public education department carries out its activities in two areas of training and research and mostly emphasizes its abilities on teaching children, adolescents and young adults. Some of the programs of this department are:

  • Offering the educational research projects to research centers;
  • Administering earthquake and safety drills in schools, preschool and government organizations all over the country;
  • Holding local, national and international competitions and exhibitions (painting, design, posters, model-making, etc…);
  • Production of educational materials such as films, brochures and educational posters;
  • Inviting international organizations to visit or take part in IIEES educational activities.