Qeshm Earthquake of 10 September 2008, Mw=5.9

8 years ago, at 15:30:35 (local time) on 10 September 2008, an earthquake of magnitude mb=6.2, Ml=5.8 and Mw=5.9 occurred 54 km west of Qeshm and 62 km southwest of Bandar Abbas. Based on the seismograms recorded in the National Broadband Seismic Network of IIEES, the epicenter of this event was determined at coordinates of 26.94N and 55.71E. Until four days after the earthquake, many aftershocks occurred in the region. The focal mechanism of this earthquake was reported by USGS and HARV as a thrust faulting with a strike-slip sub-component that is consistent with the mechanism of the faults of the region. The earthquake damaged 100 houses in the Qeshm Island. 7 people were killed and 53 people were also injured. As a result of the earthquake, the roof and walls of buildings in some villages experienced cracking or were ruined.