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[Faculty Member]

Present Occupation: Assistant Professor,

Risk Management Research Center

E-mail: izad@iiees.ac.ir
Tel: +98 21 2283 1116-7

Fax: +98 21 22803933

Joined IIEES on October 1990

Selected Publications Professional Experience Research/Teaching & Memberships Education


  • Post-doctoral Research, South Asian Tsunami of Dec. 2004 Project, Resilience Centre, Cranfield University, Feb. 2005- Sept. 2006
    Ph.D., Disaster Management, Cranfield University, UK, 2004
    Thesis Title: Bridging the Generations: A Critical Assessment of Disaster Education in the Development of a Seismic Safety Culture in Iran
  • M.Ed., in English Education, Azad Islamic University, 1993
  • B.A., in English Literature, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran., Iran, 1989

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Research/Teaching & Memberships

Research Interests

  • Public Awareness of Disaster Risks
  • Public Education
  • Disaster Management Training
  • Community-Based Risk Management
  • Gender and Disasters
  • Vulnerability and Development
  • Disaster Cultural Studies
  • Disaster Risk Reduction Issues.

Accomplished and Active Projects

  • Author of a booklet in two languages, “Earth, Science, and Safety”, a joint project of IIEES, UNDP, and UNESCO (1998).
  • Translator and Editor of 2 educational books on disasters from Persian to English, Joint projects, IIEES+UNDP (1996) (1997), and 40 disaster reports, papers and films.
  • Member of the experts group in “Evaluation of UNICEF’s Support to Mine Action Project, for methodology and analysis, April 2006.
  • Project Manager “Neighborhood Sustainable Development, a Key to Disaster Risk Reduction in Iran”, March 2008- Sept. 2009.
  • Project Manager “An Assessment of the Applicable Methods in Teaching Earthquakes to Preschool Children”, October 2009-April 2011.
  • Project Manager “Evaluation of Women’s Role in Confronting Earthquakes”,  March 2011-present.

Research/Educational Activities

  • Author/co-author of 85 research papers including 63 conference papers, 13 journal and bulletin papers and 6 posters and 3 papers under submission.
  • Editor and proofreader of many English informative and educational brochures and catalogues, 10 books and more than 100 journal papers.
  • Translator of educational book on “Tsunami and Earthquakes”, May 2005.
  • Certificates in various academic courses related to CBDM, Training of Trainers (TOT), Disaster Management, Mine Action, ……..
  • Contribution to “School Safety, Case Study of Iran” in IIEES website and the international online website: http://www.interragate.info/cogss/iran.html, June 2006.
  • Contribution as a Research Disaster Management Expert in World Bank Project on “Implementation of Local Disaster Management in Iran”, Jan. 2008- June 2009.
  • Contributor to the “Guidance Notes on Safer School Construction”, Published by INEE, Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies, 2009.
  • Co-author of Book “Earthquake, Awareness and Safety”, Azad Islamic University, 72 pages, Published March 2009 (In Persian).
  • Reviewer of first section of the project entitled “Iran: Earthquake Emergency Reconstruction, Facilitation of Community Participation, Evaluation of Fields and Local Participation Capacities to Reconstruct Qazvin Province Affected Regions”, Ministry of Interior and World Bank, 2010.
  • Contributor to Teaching Earthquakes to Kindergarten Children and Discussions with Teachers, 2010.
  • Supervisor and advisor of MSc Thesis related to Earthuqake and Tsunami issues.


  • Public Awareness of Disaster Risks
  • Case Studies of Major Disasters
  • Disaster Management Planning
  • Models of Resilience
  • Introduction to Disaster Management
  • Community-Based Disaster Management
  • Earthquake Impacts


  • Member of Gender-and-Disaster-Network
  • Member of Spider Network (Science and Policy Interfaces for Disaster Reduction)
  • Member of Radix Network (Radical Interpretations of Disaster)
  • Member of COGSS-DPE Network.
  • Member of Edu4DRR website
  • Member of INEE, Inter-Agency network for Education in Emergencies
  • UNICEF Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Pool of DRR Experts Member
  • Member of Academia.edu
  • Member of LinkedIn Group.
  • Member of Climate for Change Website
  • Member of Understanding Risk Website.

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Professional Experience

  • 1990-2001, Superior Expert, International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology (IIEES),
    Executive Dept.’s = International Relations Dept., and Head Office
    Research Dept.’s = Disaster Management and Public Education Dept’s.
    Selestiuon of Activities: SEE-1, 2 and 3 Executive Secretary (1991-1995 and 1999)
  • Member of SEE5 and SEE6 Eexcutive and Scientific Committee 2007 and 2011.
  • JSEE Journal Production Manager, 1998-2009
  • Member of IDRC Conference Scientific Committee, Davos, Switzerland, 2010
  • JSEE Executive Director, 2009-2011
  • Executive Director, IIEES Farsi Bulletin, 2010-present

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Selected Publications

  • 1. “Toward Resilient Communities in Developing Countries through Education of Children for Disaster Preparedness”, Izadkhah Y.O., Hosseini. M., International Journal of Emergency Management, 2005, Vol. 3, (2), pp.138-148.
  • 2. “Building Resilient Urban Communities”, Davis, I. and Izadkhah, Y.O. Special Issue on South Asian Tsunami, Open House International Journal, Vol.31 (1) 2006, pp.11-21.
  • 3. “Earthquake Disaster Management for Schools in Developing Countries”, M. Hosseini, Y.O. Izadkhah, Disaster Prevention and Management Journal, Vol. 15 (4), Sept. 2006.
  • 4. “Problems and Opportunities in the Integration of School Education Programmes Within Wider Seismic Risk Reduction Strategies”, Y.O.Izadkhah, I. Davis, 8NCEE, San Francisco, April 2006.
  • 5. “Community Challenges Following Darb-e-Astaneh (Silakhore), Iran Earthquake of March 31, 2006”, Y.O. Izadkhah, and M. Hosseini, 9CCEE, Canada 2007.
  • 6. “Disaster Preparedness Strategy through Earthquake Education and Training of Classified Target Groups”, Y.O. Izadkhah, and M. Hosseini, Second INDM, Feb. 2007.
  • 7. “Using the Unusual Behavior of Animals for Earthquake Prediction in Urban Areas”, Hosseini, M. and Izadkhah, Y.O., IDRC 2007 Conference, Harbin, China (Extended Abstract).
  • 8. “Applicable Methods in Teaching Earthquakes to Preschool Children”, Izadkhah, Y.O. and V. Heshmati , SEE-5 Conference, May 2007.
  • 9. “On the Role of Quality Management in Earthquake Disaster Risk Reduction”. Hosseini, M. and Izadkhah, Y.O. 4th International Conference on Excellence Management and Quality Management Systems, June 2007, Tehran.
  • 10. “Tsunami Early Warning System (EWS) and Its Integration within the Chain of Seismic
    Safety”, Davis, I. and Izadkhah, Y., Disaster Management and Prevention Journal, Vol. 17, (2), pp 281-291, 2008.
  • 11.  “People’s Perspectives and Expectations on Preparedness against Earthquakes: Tehran Case Study”, Jahangiri, K., Izadkhah, Y.O., Montazeri, A. and Hosseini, M. JIVR Journal, Vol. 1, No. 2, 2009, Tehran, Iran.
  • 12. “Appropriate and Correct Reactions during Earthquakes: Drop, Cover and Hold on or Triangle of Life”, Mahdavifar, M.R., Izadkhah, Y.O. and Heshmati, V., JSEE, Spring 2009,   Vol. 11, (1), pp41-48.
  • 13. “Training Emergency Managers for Earthquake Response: Challenges and Opportunities”,
    Hosseini. M., Izadkhah, Y.O., Vol.19, (2), pp185-195, 2010.
  • 14. “Patterns on Earthquake and Safety at School and Preschool Levels”, Heshmati, V. and Izadkhah, Y.O., Quarterly Journal of R&R (In Persian), Nov. 2010.
  • 15. “Sustainable Neighbourhood Earthquake Emergency Planning in Megacities” by Y.O. Izadkhah and M. Hosseini, Disaster Prevention & Management, Vol.13, (3), pp345-357, 2010.
  • 16. “An Evaluation of Disaster Preparedness in Four Major Earthquakes in Iran”, JSEE Journal, Spring and Summer Spring 2010.
  • 17. “Vulnerability of Elderly People in the Aftermath of Earthquakes”, Y.O. Izadkhah and V. Heshmati, Rebuilding Sustainable Communities with the Elderly and Disabled People after Disasters Conference, 2010 Boston, USA.
  • 18. “On the Use of Mobile Phones in Earthquake Emergency Response”, Y.O. Izadkhah and M. Hosseini, 2011, Proceedings of SEE6 Conference, Tehran, Iran.
  • 19. “Using Puppet Gloves in Teaching Earthquake to Preschool Children”, Izadkhah, Y.O. and Heshmati, V. 2011, Proceedings of SEE6 Conference, Tehran, Iran.
  • 20. “A Catastrophe Worse than the Earthquake Itself”, Ahmadi, M.H. and Izadkhah, Y.O., 2011, Proceedings of SEE6 Conference.
  • 21. “Earthquake Preparedness: Experiences from the Bam Earthquake”, Izadkhah, Y.O. and Amini, K. 2011, Proceedings of SEE6 Conference, Tehran, Iran.
  • 22. “Patterns on Earthquake and Safety at School and Preschool Levels”, Heshmati, V. and Izadkhah, Y.O., Quarterly Journal of R&R (In Persian), Nov. 2010.
  • 23. “Seismic Safety of Non-structural Elements in Hospitals”, M. Hosseini and Y.O. Izadkhah, First National Conference on Disaster Management and Lifelines, Ministry of Interior, Tehran, 2011.
  • 24. “A Comparative Study on Community-Based Disaster Management in Selected Countries and Designing a Model for Iran”, Jahangiri, K. , Izadkhah, Y.O. and Tabibi, S., Disaster Prevention & Management, Vol. 20 (1), Pages 82-94, 2011.
  • 25. “Dissemination of Earthquake Safety Culture in Iran by Educating Children Using Simulators”, Y.O.Izadkhah and M.H. Ahmadi, 2010, Accepted for publication in IIEES Bulletin.