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Date & Time (UTC) 2022-01-06 18:40:47.1
Date & Time (Local) 1400/10/16  22:10:47.1
Location Lat:30.361 Lon: 47.451
Region Iraq, 38 km South-West of Al Basrah
Nearest Cities
38 km South West of Al Basrah, Iraq Province
67 km South West of Polno, Khoozestan Province
74 km West of Khorramshahr, Khoozestan Province
80 km West of Abadan, Khoozestan Province
86 km North West of Farrokhzad, Khoozestan Province
Depth 12 km
Faults within 150 km:
Number of Phases 22
RMS 0.5
Number of Stations 22
Error in Latitude >3.6 km
Error in Longitude 3.6 km
Error in Depth 570.7 km

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UIDAgencyStationComponentAmplitudePeriodArrival TimeProccessing TimeSignal Clip
167967IIEES SCGTMRZ 212022-01-06 18:41:292022-01-08 06:12:00n
167968IIEES SCKLNJZ 112022-01-06 18:41:462022-01-08 06:12:00n
167969IIEES SCASAOZ 0.512022-01-06 18:42:002022-01-08 06:12:00n
167970IIEES SCNASNZ 0.212022-01-06 18:42:052022-01-08 06:12:00n
167971IIEES SCGHVRZ 0.312022-01-06 18:42:072022-01-08 06:12:00n
167972IIEES SCSRSLZ 0.312022-01-06 18:42:192022-01-08 06:12:00n
167973IIEES SCCHTHZ 0.112022-01-06 18:42:222022-01-08 06:12:00n
167974IIEES SCYZKHZ 0.0912022-01-06 18:42:242022-01-08 06:12:00n
167975IIEES SCGZVZ 0.0912022-01-06 18:42:242022-01-08 06:12:00n
167976IIEES SCMAHBZ 0.212022-01-06 18:42:252022-01-08 06:12:00n
167977IIEES SCGIDEZ 0.112022-01-06 18:42:292022-01-08 06:12:00n


AgencyStationComponentPhase TypePhase QualityFirst MotionObserved Arrival TimeTime ResidualLoc. FlagInput WeightDistanceAzimuth
IIEES SCGTMRZ EPn E2022-01-06 18:41:29-0.3y028234
IIEES SCKLNJZ EPn E2022-01-06 18:41:460.7y040380
IIEES SCASAOZ EPn E2022-01-06 18:42:000.6y052428
IIEES SCSNGEZ EPn E2022-01-06 18:42:000.4y0525359
IIEES SCNASNZ EPn E2022-01-06 18:42:05-0.8y057662
IIEES SCGHVRZ EPn E2022-01-06 18:42:070.4y058038
IIEES SCGHIRZ EPn E2022-01-06 18:42:07-0.4y0585113
IIEES SCQABGZ EPn E2022-01-06 18:42:07-5.3n462619
IIEES SCSRSLZ EPn E2022-01-06 18:42:190.2y0676344
IIEES SCCHTHZ EPn E2022-01-06 18:42:22-0.5y070429
IIEES SCZNJKZ EPn E2022-01-06 18:42:22-0.7y07099
IIEES SCYZKHZ EPn E2022-01-06 18:42:240.7y071672
IIEES SCGZVZ EPn E2022-01-06 18:42:240.3y071621
IIEES SCMAHBZ EPn E2022-01-06 18:42:25-0.1y0729347
IIEES SCGIDEZ EPn E2022-01-06 18:42:29-0.1y076017
IIEES SCAZRZ EPn E2022-01-06 18:42:380.8y0823351
IIEES SCKRBRZ EPn E2022-01-06 18:42:45-0.8y089893
IIEES SCGLOZ EPn E2022-01-06 18:42:470.2y090341
IIEES SCBNDSZ EPn E2022-01-06 18:42:480y0912111
IIEES SCGRMIZ EPn E2022-01-06 18:42:51-0.5y09382
IIEES SCMRDZ EPn E2022-01-06 18:42:51-0.1y0940350
IIEES SCTABSZ EPn E2022-01-06 18:42:570y098468