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Date & Time (UTC) 2022-06-22 08:35:19.6
Date & Time (Local) 1401/4/1  13:05:19.6
Location Lat:27.059 Lon: 53.115
Region Persian Gulf, 31 km South of Lamerd
Nearest Cities
31 km South of Lamerd, Fars Province
45 km South East of Khoozi, Fars Province
46 km South East of Chah-e mobarak, Bushehr Province
52 km South West of Ashkenan, Fars Province
57 km South West of Beyram, Fars Province
Depth 12 km
Faults within 150 km:
MFF3 (Length: 292 km) , Distance to epicenter: 18 km 
ZFF1 (Length: 165 km) , Distance to epicenter: 73 km 
MFF1 (Length: 180 km) , Distance to epicenter: 92 km 
Number of Phases 35
RMS 0.9
Number of Stations 35
Error in Latitude >3.6 km
Error in Longitude 3.6 km
Error in Depth 4.7 km

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UIDAgencyStationComponentAmplitudePeriodArrival TimeProccessing TimeSignal Clip
171628IIEES SCLMD1Z 100012022-06-22 08:35:252022-06-22 08:52:00n
171629IIEES SCLMD1Z 100012022-06-22 08:35:292022-06-22 08:52:00n
171630IIEES SCAHRMZ 312022-06-22 08:36:022022-06-22 08:52:00n
171631IIEES SCJSSHZ 0.512022-06-22 08:36:242022-06-22 08:52:00n
171632IIEES SCKRBRZ 312022-06-22 08:36:282022-06-22 08:52:00n
171633IIEES SCMEHZ 0.312022-06-22 08:36:312022-06-22 08:52:00n
171634IIEES SCYZKHZ 0.912022-06-22 08:36:432022-06-22 08:52:00n
171635IIEES SCNASNZ 0.812022-06-22 08:36:462022-06-22 08:52:00n
171636IIEES SCCHBRZ 0.312022-06-22 08:37:002022-06-22 08:52:00n
171637IIEES SCBSRNZ 0.212022-06-22 08:37:052022-06-22 08:52:00n
171638IIEES SCKHMZZ 0.412022-06-22 08:37:072022-06-22 08:52:00n
171639IIEES SCTABSZ 0.412022-06-22 08:37:092022-06-22 08:52:00n
171640IIEES SCGHVRZ 0.412022-06-22 08:37:122022-06-22 08:52:00n
171641IIEES SCASAOZ 0.112022-06-22 08:37:162022-06-22 08:52:00n


AgencyStationComponentPhase TypePhase QualityFirst MotionObserved Arrival TimeTime ResidualLoc. FlagInput WeightDistanceAzimuth
IIEES SCLMD1Z EPg E2022-06-22 08:35:25-0.2y0329
IIEES SCLMD1Z ESg E2022-06-22 08:35:29-0.8y0329
IIEES SCGHIRZ EPg E2022-06-22 08:35:441.9y0136355
IIEES SCAHRMZ EPn E2022-06-22 08:36:020.3y0280316
IIEES SCJSSHZ EPn E2022-06-22 08:36:241.4y0445107
IIEES SCKLNJZ EPn E2022-06-22 08:36:260.8y0462341
IIEES SCKRBRZ EPn E2022-06-22 08:36:280.7y048248
IIEES SCMEHZ EPn E2022-06-22 08:36:311.1y050217
IIEES SCYZKHZ EPn E2022-06-22 08:36:430.5y060814
IIEES SCNASNZ EPn E2022-06-22 08:36:46-0.3y0637357
IIEES SCGTMRZ EPn E2022-06-22 08:36:56-0.1y0714327
IIEES SCCHBRZ EPn E2022-06-22 08:37:00-1y0753102
IIEES SCBSRNZ EPn E2022-06-22 08:37:05-1.4y079747
IIEES SCKHMZZ EPn E2022-06-22 08:37:070y0800338
IIEES SCZHSFZ EPn E2022-06-22 08:37:06-0.6y080269
IIEES SCTABSZ EPn E2022-06-22 08:37:09-1y082628
IIEES SCGHVRZ EPn E2022-06-22 08:37:120.2y0842348
IIEES SCASAOZ EPn E2022-06-22 08:37:16-0.7y0881340
IIEES SCSRVNZ EPn E2022-06-22 08:37:21-0.8y092088
IIEES SCANJZ EPn E2022-06-22 08:37:23-0.2y09355
IIEES SCDAMVZ EPn E2022-06-22 08:37:25-1y0956353
IIEES SCILBAZ EPn E2022-06-22 08:37:29-0.4y0985318
IIEES SCCHTHZ EPn E2022-06-22 08:37:30-1.2y0999349
IIEES SCSHRTZ EPn E2022-06-22 08:37:320y0100543
IIEES SCSNGEZ EPn E2022-06-22 08:37:36-1.2y01047328
IIEES SCGLOZ EPn E2022-06-22 08:37:391.5y010494
IIEES SCABGHZ EPn E2022-06-22 08:37:420.6y010858
IIEES SCTBJMZ EPn E2022-06-22 08:37:500.7y0114137
IIEES SCMRVTZ EPn E2022-06-22 08:37:570y0120813
IIEES SCBJRDZ EPn E2022-06-22 08:38:030.5y0124719
IIEES SCSRSLZ EPn E2022-06-22 08:38:01-1.3y01249324
IIEES SCKAGHZ EPn E2022-06-22 08:38:05-0.4y0127231
IIEES SCMAHBZ EPn E2022-06-22 08:38:081.3y01284327
IIEES SCGRMIZ EPn E2022-06-22 08:38:210.6y01392339
IIEES SCMAKUZ EPn E2022-06-22 08:38:430y01574330